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Rook orchestrates our storage technology based on The rook operator is installed in the clusters through a Helm chart. The operator watches the cluster for CRDs to create storage clusters currently based on Ceph.

The CRDs we use are currently block and object


  • Operator runs in the nais namespace
  • Object store agents runs on all worker nodes to attach/detach persistent volumes to pods.
  • Ceph pods runs in nais-rook namespace and on dedicated nodes with storage disks.

How to's

Checking/debugging CEPH status

There is a toolbox pod running with CEPH tools installed.

kubectl exec -it rook-ceph-tools sh -n nais-rook

Example troubleshooting tools:

ceph status
ceph osd status
ceph df
rados df

Adding a storage node

  1. Provision CoreOS-node(s) in Basta adding "disk til lagringsnode".
  2. Specs are 2 CPU, 16GB and 400GB disk.
  3. Add to nais-inventory as worker and storage nodes.
  4. Profit?

Note that adding a node will cause CEPH to rebalance the cluster. See section on speeding up cluster recovery.

Removing a storage node

This is currently a manual process where we need to ensure that data is rebalanced to the other storage nodes.

Remove storage label from the node you want to remove:

kubectl label node

Remove entry for from the orchestration status map

 kubectl -n nais-rook edit cm rook-ceph-osd-orchestration-status

Find the OSD id for the node you want to remove

 kubectl exec  rook-ceph-tools  -n nais-rook -- sh -c   "ceph osd status"

The osd you are looking for should NOT be marked as "up"

Delete config maps used by the OSD pod.

kubectl -n nais-rook delete cm rook-ceph-osd-$OSD_ID-fs-backup
kubectl -n nais-rook delete

Remove OSD from CEPH config

Exec into the toolbox and run:

ceph osd crush rm osd.$OSD_ID
ceph auth del osd.$OSD_ID
ceph osd rm $OSD_ID 
ceph osd crush rm a30apvl00016-oera-no

Make sure the cluster is healing it self by running

ceph health details

Note that adding a node will cause CEPH to rebalance the cluster. See section on speeding up cluster recovery.

Speeding up ceph recovery

Exec into the toolbox pod and run:

ceph tell 'osd.*' injectargs '--osd-max-backfills 16'
ceph tell 'osd.*' injectargs '--osd-recovery-max-active 4'

Note that speeding up may put strain on the cluster in general

Resharding stuck

If a resharding operation is stuck and blocking S3 puts, cancel resharding of the bucket:

radosgw-admin reshard cancel --bucket=<bucket>
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