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netsurfer is a very lightweight scraping framework
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netsurfer is a very lightweight scraping framework.
This has only the minimum function necessary for scraping.

What can be done

  • You can know the ranking of the web site.
  • You can know the URL displayed when searching with the google engine.
  • You can get HTML.


$ go get -u


If you want to know more, please read examples.

import (
// If you want to know the rank of a page, please write the following code.
u, _ := url.Parse("")
rank, _ := netsurfer.GetRank(u, "ryonakao", 2)
fmt.Println("Rank is ", rank)

// If you want to know the search result URL, please write following
urls, _ := netsurfer.OrganicSearch("ruby", 3)

for _, url := range urls {
	// If you want to know the title, please write the following
	title, _ := netsurfer.GetTitle(url.String())
	fmt.Println("Title is ", title)



netsurfer source code is available under the MIT License.

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