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AintaBlog: Open Source Tumblogging


Aintablog is an open source blogging platform that attempts to combine the cooler parts of tumblr with more traditional blogging mainstays (commenting anyone?). You can create new posts (or as we call them, articles), quotes, and even import your Twitter/Flickr/del.icio.us feeds.

This app isn’t quite for beginners (yet?). You need to know your way around a Rails app to really get going. With that being said, if you know Rails, then this app should be a piece of cake.

So fork away, and let me know if you add anything cool.

Feature Requests/Bugs

I’ve set up a Lighthouse project for Aintablog here: http://nakajima.lighthouseapp.com/projects/14585-aintablog


You’re going to need the feed-normalizer and hpricot gems.

sudo gem install feed-normalizer hpricot

If you want to run the test suite, you’ll need the mocha gem.

sudo gem install mocha

I think that’s about it.

You can run rake gems:install to do it all in one fell swoop if you’d like.

Defensio Spam Protection

Aintablog now has built-in Defensio Spam protection. You need to get API keys from defensio.com, then put them into config/defensio.yml. If you don’t want to use Defensio, you can set the “use_defensio” option to false in config/settings.yml.


  • Put together a better regex for the spanify_links helper
  • Page titles!
  • Page caching, Fragment Caching
  • More control over posts (publish_at, commentable?)