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Atom plugin to show current branch status
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branch-status package

Show the current status of your branch using the GitHub status API. It also inserts links to the status target_url and to the branch's pull request if there is one.


  1. Install the package (Settings > Install > search for branch-status)
  2. Make sure branch-status has a GitHub personal access token (OAuth):
  • Create one and give it only the repo:status scope. See security section below
  • Add the token to the package settings (Settings > Packages > branch-status)

If the branch name turns pink, open the developer tools (View > Developer > Toggle Developer Tools) and see if the console shows an error.

Here's what it looks like right now:


It's important to remember that inside Atom, any other package will be able to query and fetch the access token that you provide branch-status.

You should create a specific unique access token just for it to use. This way you can remove it later and provide it with just the access scope that it needs.

You should ONLY give it the repo:status scope.

Don't use a general all personall access token that has full permission for this package.

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