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It creates bookmarklets! Code's kind of ugly, but whatever!
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app Fix private warning display Jul 3, 2010
config No more stupid error styles Jun 20, 2010
db Add private bookmarklets Jun 28, 2010
doc first Oct 27, 2009
lib Minified! May 22, 2010
public Fixed up weird style bugs Jul 3, 2010
script first Oct 27, 2009
test Added basic spam protection May 21, 2010
vendor/plugins/custom-err-msg Add CUSTOM ERR MSG plugin. Sweet. Jun 20, 2010
.gitignore Don't commit the bundle May 22, 2010
README Updated README Nov 12, 2009
Rakefile first Oct 27, 2009


It makes bookmarklets!

by [nakajima]
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