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A rewrite of fixjour.

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# fixjour 2 (to be renamed)

A rewrite I don't need to write.

The builder definitions are more like factory girl now.

## Usage

    require 'fixjour'
    Fixjour do
      define User do |user| = "Pat"
      define Article do |article|
        article.user = new_user
        article.title = "This is a good one"

The methods generated are the same old Fixjour methods:

    include Fixjour
    new_user(:name => "Pat")
    create_user(:name => "Pat")

That's it for now.

## What's New

I ripped out a bunch of stuff. Here are some things I don't need:

### Overrides and `process`

The overrides hash in Fixjour was confusing to pretty much everybody I explained
it to, so it's gone now. PEACE.

### valid_*_attributes

This was useful for controller tests. Controller tests are no longer useful
though. I like acceptance tests now. Hopefully you do too.

### attr_protected attributes

They just work now. Don't worry about it.

### Fixjour.verify!

It's gone now. Write tests for your builders and you're good to go.

(c) Copyright 2011 Pat Nakajima. All Rights Reserved. 
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