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Poundie is a Campfire bot.

Here's how you use it:

require "rubygems"
require "poundie"

# Specify which plugins to use
Poundie.use :greeter

# Start listening

Poundie ships with one built-in plugin, called :greeter. Here's how a plugin works:

# Your plugin needs inherit from Poundie::Plugin
class Greeter < Poundie::Plugin

  # Next, register your plugin. This will be used to activate it.
  register :greeter

  # This specifies which messages should trigger the plugin's behavior
  match do |message|
    message.body == "greet"

  # This specifies the plugin's behavior
  action do |message|
    speak "Hello, #{}"

Pretty easy! The message that gets passed to match and action is:

message.body # text of the message
message.type # TextMessage, PasteMessage, SoundMessage, or TweetMessage
message.text? # message is text?
message.paste? # message is paste?
message.sound? # message is sound?
message.tweet? # message is tweet?
message.created_at # when the message was posted # name of the user who posted the message # email address of the user
message.user.admin? # is the user an admin?
message.user.created_at # when the user was created

What can you do in the action?

speak "Some text"
tweet ""
paste "Some long text"

That's about it for now.

Available Plugins

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