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A two-way integration between Vim and IPython 0.11+

author: Paul Ivanov (



Using this plugin, you can send lines or whole files for IPython to execute, and also get back object introspection and word completions in Vim, like what you get with: object?<enter> and object.<tab> in IPython.

The big change from previous versions of ipy.vim is that it no longer the old requires the brittle instantiation, and since it uses just vim and python, it is platform independent (i.e. should work even on windows, unlike the previous *nix only solution)

Quickstart Guide:

Start ipython qtconsole and copy the connection string. Source ipy.vim file, which provides new IPython command:

:source ipy.vim
(or copy it to ~/.vim/ftplugin/python to load automatically)

(or :IPythonXSelection if you're using X11 without having to copy)

The :IPython command allows you to put the full string, e.g.:

:IPython --existing --shell=41882 --iopub=43286 --stdin=34987 --hb=36697

The :IPythonClipboard command just uses the + register to get the connection string, whereas :IPythonXSelection uses the * register

Sending lines to IPython

Now type out a line and send it to IPython using <Ctrl-S> from Command mode:

import os

You should see a notification message confirming the line was sent, along with the input number for the line, like so In[1]: import os.

<Ctrl-S> also works from insert mode, but doesn't show notification

It also works blockwise in Visual Mode. Strip the leading double quotes and send these lines using <Ctrl-S>:

import this,math # secret decoder ring
a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i = range(1,10)
code =(c,a,d,a,e,i,)
msg = '...jrer nyy frag sebz Ivz.\nIvz+VClguba=%fyl '+this.s.split()[g]
decode=lambda x:"\n"+"".join([this.d.get(c,c) for c in x])+"!"
format=lambda x:'These lines:\n  '+'\n  '.join([l for l in x.splitlines()])
secret_decoder = lambda a,b: format(a)+decode(msg)%str(b)[:-1]
'%d'*len(code)%code == str(int(math.pi*1e5))

Then, go to the qtconsole and run this line:

print secret_decoder(_i,_)

You can also send whole files to IPython's %run magic using <F5>.

IPython's object? Functionality

If you're using gvim, mouse-over a variable to see IPython's ? equivalent. If you're using vim from a terminal, or want to copy something from the docstring, type <leader>d. <leader> is usually \ (the backslash key). This will open a quickpreview window, which can be closed by hitting q or <escape>.

IPython's tab-completion Functionality

vim-ipython activates a 'completefunc' that queries IPython. A completefunc is activated using Ctrl-X Ctrl-U in Insert Mode (vim default). You can combine this functionality with SuperTab to get tab completion

Current issues:

For now, vim-ipython only connects to an ipython session in progress.

ipy.vim takes a while to load, I'll eventually move the python code to its own file and do a lazy import (only when the IPython command is called)

The ipdb integration is not yet re-implemented.

Need to add more message handling for sub_channel messages from IPython (i.e. notification of changes which were not sent from vim).


@MinRK for guiding me through the IPython kernel manager protocol.