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#Simple benchmark project using JMH

This project is created only for a purpose of demonstration. It has simple to understand code with 4 benchmark methods, which generate the throughput report of sequential and parallel sorting.

#How to use

- Clone this project
- Run command `mvn clean install` on root directory
- Run command `java -jar target\benchmark.jar`


Run complete. Total time: 00:02:08

REMEMBER: The numbers below are just data. To gain reusable insights, you need to follow up on why the numbers are the way they are. Use profilers (see -prof, -lprof), design factorial experiments, perform baseline and negative tests that provide experimental control, make sure the benchmarking environment is safe on JVM/OS/HW level, ask for reviews from the domain experts. Do not assume the numbers tell you what you want them to tell.

Benchmark Mode Cnt Score Error Units MyBenchmark.testParallelArraySort_10 thrpt 2 20434749.323 ops/s MyBenchmark.testParallelArraySort_20 thrpt 2 20253940.112 ops/s MyBenchmark.testSequentialArraySort_10 thrpt 2 20451793.295 ops/s MyBenchmark.testSequentialArraySort_20 thrpt 2 20253031.258 ops/s

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