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Nalanda Dashboard

What is Nalanda Dashboard?

A software system called Nalnanda Visualizer(dashboard) is used to track the progress of the Nalanda project 
using the data gathered from Kolibri server. It's used to show the progress of student,class and schools 
based on the different metrics e,g. correct questions, masterd topics, attempted questions etc.. 
In Nalanda visualizer we are showing role based data, based on the user who have access the school or class.
Currently we are done with different metrics as mentioned below:-

  1. Mastery Level Metrics
  2. Content Usage Metrics
  3. User Session Metrics
  4. Lesson Metrics

Steps to setup Nalanda Dashboard:

  1. Clone repo into your directory:

  2. Create virtual envirinment using python3

    virtualenv -p python3 envname

  3. Activate the virtual environment you have created

  4. Install packages using pip install -r requirement.txt

  5. Goto Nalanda_Dashboard/static directory and type npm install to install frontdend dependancies

  6. Then create a file for your Django application which has the database settings.

    Please refer this link to install mysql database for Django application

  7. Then try to run the application : python runserver

  8. You directly access it using


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