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A Metalsmith plugin to enhance typography

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metalsmith-typography Build Status

A Metalsmith plugin to enhance typography in HTML — abbreviations, quotes and dashes, non-breaking spaces after prepositions. Based on Richtypo.js.


$ npm install metalsmith-typography

CLI Usage

Install via npm and then add the metalsmith-typography key to your metalsmith.json plugins:

  "plugins": {
    "metalsmith-typography": {
      "lang": "en"

Javascript Usage

Pass options to the typography plugin and pass it to Metalsmith with the use method:

var typography = require('metalsmith-typography');

  lang: "en"

Call it after the metalsmith-markdown plugin, so that HTML files are available.


lang determines which language to use. en and ru supported, en is the default.

rules is an array of typographic rules to apply. Default is

['save_tags', 'cleanup_before', 'lite', 'spaces_lite', 'spaces', 'quotes', 'abbrs', 'cleanup_after', 'restore_tags']

See Richtypo.js documentation for the list of available rules.