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DotNetOpenAuth for ASP.NET WebAPI (OpenID/OAuth/OAuth2)
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#DotNetOpenAuth.WebAPI DotNetOpenAuth for ASP.NET WebAPI (OpenID/OAuth/OAuth2)

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This project was developed to look into ways we can bring OAuth to the world of ASP.NET WebAPI.


I have included the following in the source


  • Code required for the magic to happen


  • A sample client demonstrating communicating with a WebAPI resource via JavaScript as well as C#. Simply check/uncheck the checkbox to switch between the client modes


  • A sample authorisation server and WebAPI host utilising the functionality exposed in DotNetOpenAuth.WebAPI


This sample uses Framework v4.5.1, MVC5 and requires SQL Express

###Getting Started

  1. Launch the solution in visual studio
  2. Start debugging both the client and host sample projects
  3. Navigate to the Host sample (http://localhost:49810/)
  4. Ensure you have SQL Express installed and running
  5. Click the Create Database button
  6. Navigate to the client sample (http://localhost:18529/)
  7. Start clicking buttons and enjoy


As always feedback is always welcome. Raise an issue if you have problems.

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