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(in-package :cl-user)
(defpackage :bpm.prettify
(:use :cl :bpm))
(in-package :bpm.prettify)
;prettifying generated code
(defun .mapcar* (fn improper-list)
(if (not (atom improper-list))
(destructuring-bind (1st . rest)
(cons (funcall fn 1st)
(.mapcar* fn rest)))))
(defmacro def-prettifier (name pattern &body body)
`(progn (def! ,name ,pattern ,@body)
(def ,name _x
(if (atom _x)
(.mapcar* #',name _x)))))
(def-prettifier .clean-funcalls (funcall (lambda (_x) . _code)
(_fn _y . _r))
-> `(let ((,_x (,_fn ,_y ,@_r)))
,@(.mapcar* #'.clean-funcalls _code)))
(def-prettifier .clean-initial-binding (lambda (_x)
(let ((_y _x))
. _code))
-> `(lambda (,_y) ,@_code))
;; (def-prettifier .clean-terminal-nil-match (let ((_y _x))
;; (if (not _y)
;; +match+))
;; -> (if (not _x)
;; +match+))
(def-prettifier .clean-let1 (let ((_y _x))
(let ((_z _y))
. _code))
-> (.clean-let1 `(let ((,_z ,_x))
(def-prettifier .clean-let2 (let ((_y _x))
(let ((_z (_fn _y . _r)))
. _code))
-> (.clean-let2 `(let ((,_z (,_fn ,_x ,@_r)))
(def-prettifier .clean-bindings (let ((_y _x))
(if (_fn _y . _r)
. _code))
;; _y is gensym
(where-not (symbol-package _y))
;; _y is not used is _code
(where-not (.find-in-tree _y _code))
;; inline it
(.clean-bindings `(if (,_fn ,_x . ,_r)
(defun .find-in-tree (x tree)
(labels ((rfn (%)
(if (eql % x)
(return-from .find-in-tree %)
(when (not (atom %))
(rfn (first %))
(rfn (rest %))))))
(rfn tree)))
(def-prettifier .collapse-if (if _x
(if _y
-> (.collapse-if `(and ,_x
,@(..collapse-if _code))))
(def! ..collapse-if (if _x
(cons _x (..collapse-if _code)))
(def ..collapse-if _x -> (list _x))
(def-prettifier .collapse-let (let _bindings
(let (_b2)
. _code))
(.collapse-let (if (some (lambda (v) (.find-in-tree v _b2))
(.mapcar* #'first _bindings))
`(let* (,@_bindings
`(let (,@_bindings
(def-prettifier .declare-dynamic-gensyms (let _bindings
. _code)
`(let ,_bindings
,@(if (find-if-not #'symbol-package _bindings :key #'first)
`((declare (dynamic-extent ,@(remove-if #'symbol-package
(.mapcar* #'first _bindings))))))
,@(.declare-dynamic-gensyms _code)))
(def-prettifier .clean-initial-wildcard (lambda (_x)
. _code)
`(lambda (,_x)
,@(if (funcall *logic-var-wildcard-pred* _x)
`((declare (ignore ,_x))))
(def-prettifier .declare-initial-gensym (lambda (_x) . _code)
`(lambda (,_x)
,@(if (not (symbol-package _x))
`((declare (dynamic-extent ,_x))))
(setf bpm::*prettify-output-transformations*
; .clean-terminal-nil-match
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