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;; -*- Mode: LISP; Syntax: COMMON-LISP; Package: CL-USER; -*-
;; Sun Oct 21 17:22:01 2007 by Nick Allen <>
;; pretty-function-test.lisp
;; note: these tests require ptester, see
;; note: I had trouble forcing GC during this file on some lisps, so to check
;; if the pretty functions are really being garbage collected you have
;; to do it yourself
;; 1. run the tests in this file
;; 2. force a full garbage collection
;; 3. run: (print-pretty-function-table)
;; if you don't see anything like #<TEST-1234567> or
;; #<test-pretty-function-printer> then the functions from these
;; tests were garbage collected
(defpackage :pretty-function.test
(:use :cl :pretty-function))
(in-package :pretty-function.test)
(setf ptester:*break-on-test-failures* t)
(defparameter *supported* nil)
(ptester:test #+(or allegro clisp cmu lispworks mcl sbcl) t
#-(or allegro clisp cmu lispworks mcl sbcl) nil
(setf *supported*
(not (not (find "pretty-function" *modules* :test #'string-equal)))))
(ptester:test *supported* *pretty-function-printing-supported-p*)
;should this work on a temporary table?
(if *supported*
(ptester:test-no-warning (enable-pretty-function-printing))
(ptester:test-warning (enable-pretty-function-printing)))
(defparameter *printer-string* "#<test-pretty-function-printer>")
(defparameter *printer*
(lambda (s) (write-string *printer-string* s)))
(let ((fn (lambda () (print 5))))
(ptester:test nil (get-function-printer fn))
(ptester:test-no-error (setf (get-function-printer fn) *printer*))
(ptester:test *printer* (get-function-printer fn))
(ptester:test t
#+(or allegro clisp lispworks mcl)
(block finding
(maphash (lambda (fn printer)
(declare (ignore fn))
(if (eq *printer* printer)
(return-from finding t)))
#+(or cmu sbcl)
(not (not (find *printer*
:key #'rest))))))
;make sure function printer prints correctly
(if *supported*
(ptester:test *printer-string*
(with-output-to-string (out)
(write (with-function-printer *printer*
(lambda () (print 5)))
:stream out
:pretty t))
:test #'string=))
(ptester:test (if *supported*
(get-function-printer (with-function-printer *printer*
(lambda () (print 5)))))
(ptester:test *supported*
(not (not (search "TEST-1234567"
(with-output-to-string (out)
(write (named-lambda* (concatenate 'string
() (print 5))
:stream out
:pretty t))))))
(ptester:test *supported*
(not (not (search "TEST-1234567"
(with-output-to-string (out)
(write (named-lambda "TEST-1234567" () (print 5))
:stream out
:pretty t))))))