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Apple added international high quality voices to OS X Lion. This script pulls your latest articles from Instapaper converts them to aac using OS X's say and afconvert commands. It uses Dropbox to host our audio files and the generated podcast feed.



  1. create your config file -- cp
  2. enter your Instapaper credentials
  3. adjust the Dropbox path

voices & language detection

You can add voices for the languages you need.
How to for installing new voices on OS X Lion: instructions
Language detection is done by node-language-detect

Instapaper folders or starred articles

If you don't want all articles in your podcast you can change the folder_id to starred or specify the id of a folder - more

Create your podcast

run it manually

node run.js

run in the background using launchd

  1. cp instapaper2podcast.plist ~/Library/LaunchAgents/instapaper2podcast.plist
  2. adjust the path in ~/Library/LaunchAgents/instapaper2podcast.plist
  3. launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/instapaper2podcast.plist

The program will be executed every 20 minutes and check for new Instapaper articles.
Logging goes to system.log you can monitor using

Subscribe to your podcast

add to your favorite podcast client

- enjoy your podcast

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