an openFrameworks addon for shading, lighting, lens simulation.
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Here is demo.


Modern OpenGL compatible

I was satisfied with ofxPostPrpcessing long time, which is fabulous and has so many beautiful vfx in it. I really appreciate the author and contributors. But there is little problem when I use my own shader with it. It is not written in "modern" shader version so cannot coexist with the "programmble renderer". At this moment, however we have to decide to abandon legacy but helpful functions including ofLight, glBegin()-glEnd()...

Photo-realistic in Real-time

And the addon mentioned above has only few effects for photo-real purpose such like "casting shadow". So I decided to reproduce and regather PostProcesses focusing "photo-real" rendering and compatible in modern version.

now it contains

  • Multiple point lights with attenuation
  • Casting shadow with directional light
  • Ambient occlusion (SSAO)
  • HDR bloom
    • blooming when vertex colors are specified greater than 1.0
  • Defocus blur
    • Imitating "depth of field" effect



  • copy the shader/ directory under your bin/data/
    • so you can edit them
  • specify modern version of OpenGL in main.cpp
int main( ){
    ofGLWindowSettings settings;
    settings.setGLVersion(4, 1); // now we use OpenGL 4.1
    settings.setSize(1024, 768);

    ofRunApp(new ofApp());
  • declare instances in ofApp.h
    • it's safer to use std::shared_ptr
// declare in ofApp.h
ofxDeferredProcessing deferred;
shared_ptr<ofxDeferred::SsaoPass> ssao;
shared_ptr<ofxDeferred::PointLightPass> points;
shared_ptr<ofxDeferred::ShadowLightPass> shadow;
shared_ptr<ofxDeferred::HdrBloomPass> bloom;
  • init and create Passes in ofApp::setup(), and get reference of Passes
deferred.init(ofGetWidth(), ofGetHeight());
ssao = deferred.createPass<ofxDeferred::SsaoPass>();
points = deferred.createPass<ofxDeferred::PointLightPass>();
shadow = deferred.createPass<ofxDeferred::ShadowLightPass>();    
bloom = deferred.createPass<ofxDeferred::HdrBloomPass>();
  • set parameters via reference
  • draw objects between begin() and end().

  • If you want to HDR color, just specify vertex color more than 1.0 in ofFloatColor's parameters.

  • if you want to use cast shadow (ShadowLightPass), you need another draw-objects call.

    // for shadow map
        drawObjs(); // draw something
        lightPass->drawLights(); // draw light bulbs
    // for rendering pass
        drawObjs(); // exactly the same call above
  • Also, you can use own shader for mesh rendering. In this case, you need to write pixel data into color buffer properly.

#version 400

uniform int shadowFlag;

in vec4 vPos;
in vec4 vNormal;
in vec4 vColor;
in float vDepth;

layout (location = 0) out vec4 outputColor0; // Color
layout (location = 1) out vec4 outputColor1; // Position
layout (location = 2) out vec4 outputColor2; // Normal and Depth
layout (location = 3) out vec4 outputColor3; // HDR map

void main(){

    if (shadowFlag == 1) {
        outputColor0.r = vDepth;
        outputColor0.a = 1.;
    } else {
        outputColor0 = vColor;
        outputColor1 = vPos;
        outputColor2 = vec4(, vDepth);
        outputColor3 = any(greaterThan(vColor, vec4(1.))) ? vColor : vec4(0.,0.,0.,1.);



Render Pass



Ayumu Nagamatsu