Swift iOS app to calculate and split restaurant bill among friends
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BillSplit for iOS

##How it Works BillSplit is a simple iOS app that helps a user calculate the restaurant bill and split it amongst friends. You simply enter in the subtotal for the bill, add in your tip and/or tax, and the app calculates in real-time what the total price will be. Then, you can change the number of people at the table so the app can calculate the cost per person. In a quick and easy manner, you will know how much each person owes, making the paying process so much quicker to manage.

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##About the app This app was made in the process of learning how to use Swift and design & create an iOS app on XCode. The simple design is meant to focus on the values that matter and provide quick and easy access to them. Changing settings such as tip, tax, and number of people can quickly be done all on the one-page application by just tapping the associated buttons, saving you unnecessary extra typing.

##Future updates

  • Venmo integration for paying and charging others
  • Automatically update tax based on location
  • User interface design improvements