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nSkinz is a fully featured internal skin, knife, glove and sticker changer for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Although written from scratch, nSkinz was heavily influenced by chameleon-ng.

  • Use any skin on any weapon, including ones not available normally
  • Add any sticker to your weapons
  • Use any glove model and skin combination
  • Special knife animations are supported
  • Knife kill feed icons are automatically replaced
  • In-game configuration with ImGui
  • Always up-to-date dynamic skins, with localized names
  • Uses signature scanning and NetVar manager for dynamic offsets
  • JSON based configuration saving & loading support

Requirements for compiling

  • C++17 compilant compiler
  • Tested under: clang 5.0, MSVC 2017
  • DirectX SDK


Currently only Windows is supported, however this may change in the future if you submit a PR because I'm lazy.

  • Clone the source with: git clone --recursive https://github.com/namazso/nSkinz.git
  • Compile using your preferred compiler
  • Inject the resulting library into the game
  • Press Insert to bring up the menu.
  • Setup weapon configuration(s)
  • To override multiple weapons press the "Add" button. When an inventory update occurs always the first enabled entry applicable for that weapon will be used.
  • To save your configuration press the "Save" button. To load it later press the "Load" button.


This project is licensed under the MIT license

See the "LICENSE" file for more details.


  • Chinese port by Garry050 available here