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Updated on Jun 17, 2014 to Version 1.2.8 for WHMCS 5
  • Added ability to enable WhoisGuard with transfers
  • Added active and transfer domain syncing module functions according to WHMCS Domain Cron Synchronisation flow
  • Removed module domain synchronization script (deprecated)
  • Changed method of creating Registrant/Billing/Admin/Tech contact details API parameters depending on WHMCS general settings for domains:
  • When "Use Clients Details" checkbox is checked Registrant/Billing/Admin/Tech contacts are taken from Client details, if not - Registrant details are taken from Client details, and Billing/Admin/Tech - from Default Contact Details.
  • Added quotes decoding for epp code (whmcs bug)
  • Removed "http_x_forwarded_for" for client ip address
  • Added .asia Locality parameter to custom additionaldomainfields.php
ReleaseNotes WHMCS Registrar plug-in is an open-source plug-in that is distributed free of charge. It focuses on integrating Namecheap as a domain registrar at WHMCS.

After the integration you can setup Namecheap as the default registrar for your customers and decide which services and TLDs to offer to your customers from within the WHMCS admin area.

  • Access to WHMCS admin area.
  • An understanding of Namecheap’s environments.
  • Namecheap account with API access enabled on the desired environment.

NOTE: Namecheap has a production as well as a test server environment. The test server environment is called Sandbox. We urge you to test the WHMCS Registrar plug-in in our sandbox environment, before pointing it to production. For more detailed information, please visit the developer's site at

Download and Installation
  • Download the latest plugin ( archive and extract it.
  • Create a folder called namecheap under Modules/Registrar in your WHMCS root directory and paste the downloaded namecheap.php and namecheapapi.php files inside the folder (the namecheap.php and namecheapapi.php files are located inside the downloaded archive). The plug-in installation is complete.

To configure WHMCS for use with Namecheap, perform the following steps:

  1. Login to your WHMCS admin panel.

  2. Click on Setup menu, select Products/Services and click on Domain Registrars.

  3. Click on Activate next to Namecheap in the list: Activate Plugin

  4. Enter your API credentials. If you wish to try out the plug-in in sandbox, make sure to enter your sandbox username, sandbox API key in the corresponding text boxes and check the “Test Mode” checkbox: Test Mode

  5. Optional settings:

  • If you have a promotional coupon code from Namecheap you may enter it in the module settings. The discounted price will be automatically applied on your orders according to the coupon pricing.
  • If you’re having any issues with the module it is recommended to enable DebugMode and check the logs under Utilities > Logs > Module Log. If this option is disabled the module will be logging only errors returned by the module.
  1. Click Save Changes.

That’s it. The Namecheap plug-in is now ready for use and will function just like any other built-in WHMCS registrar module. You can now make Namecheap as the automatic registrar, configure TLDs and services for all your customers. To perform these actions, click on the Setup menu, select Products/Services and click on Domain Pricing in your WHMCS admin panel:

You can refer to for more information.

To add additional fields required for our module (language for IDN domains, Job Title field for .CA and .AU domains, extended attributed for .FR domains) you will need to connect our own additionaldomainfields.php file. To do this, please add the following strings in the end of includes/additionaldomainfields.php file:

if (file_exists(dirname(FILE)."/../modules/registrars/namecheap/additionaldomainfields.php")) { include dirname(FILE)."/../modules/registrars/namecheap/additionaldomainfields.php"; }


Please submit a ticket to report bugs, provide feedback or receive assistance.