prototype/proof-of-concept to implement Proposition 279 w/o changing Tor (Namecoin fork, you should probably be using upstream instead)
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Proposal 279

This is an implmentation of the "Tor side" of Proposal 279 ("naming layer api") so that actual naming plugins can be tested/prototyped "now" without changing Tor.

Using This

It will currently connect to a system tor on localhost:9051 or you can change this to 9151 (in to react a Tor Browser Bundle instance.

This actually works and launches two example services, reached via: ..onion where the two services are .pet.onion for the lookup (so try, e.g., "" in TBB).

The other one is .demo.onion and will always remap to txtorcon's documentation hidden-service. So .demo.onion will redirect you to txtorcon's documentation.

Naming Implementations