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For discussion to cut down on the current spam transaction problem. This contains patches for the following:

  • Changes the minimum transaction fee from 0.0005 to 0.005. Maybe this should even be higher? Namecoins are cheap.
  • Changes the threshold for when fees increase due to the block becoming full. the current spam attack is set just under the current threshold.
  • Reduces the free transaction area from 27,000 to 9,000.
  • Increases the minimum fee for dust transactions. Currently the fee is set to a constant no matter how many dust outputs there are. This sets it based on the number of dust outputs. Maybe this should penalize even more?


doublec and others added some commits Jan 24, 2012
@doublec doublec Add getmemorypool rpc command 32d8936
@coblee coblee Add mininput to deal with dust spam.
By default, mininput is set to 0.0001. This means that create transaction will
ignore any transactions with an output value less than 0.0001. You can override
the default by passing in -mininput on startup or by calling setmininput.
@coblee coblee When scanning transactions, ignore transactions with output less than…
… mininput. This will prevent wallet from getting bloated.
@doublec doublec Change threshold for free transactions b8abd5d
@doublec doublec Increase min fee for each dust transaction b67f772
@doublec doublec Reduce free transaction area 7d3c445
@doublec doublec Change block size threshold for when fees increase 1e9ff60
@doublec doublec Increase min transaction fee db5ab96

Done with pull request #9

@namecoin namecoin closed this Jan 25, 2012
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