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The final location for the website will be located at the official website, but you should setup one on your own server and transfer it over later. This was written by someone with very little experience with Faucet websites. You should probably start out with the standard websites and progressively add features.

If you need a server please contact @indolering via Github, the forums, or on IRC.


  • Payouts should have some sort of rate limiting function.
  • Awesome wiki article documenting everything.


  • You sticking around to maintain everything would be really, really awesome!
  • Automated BTC or Namecoin payment system to enable a 1-time donation (preferably tied to some data feed on the USD/NMC price) in exchange for higher limits to an address.
  • Daily limit configurable to some multiple of the domain name price.


  • Account creation system with strong anti-spamming mechanisms.
  • Admin account type which receives funds on demand without limits.
  • A verified account type which receives higher limits and a UI for administrators to select accounts which are verified.

faucet.namecoin.org - oh noes

AFAIK Khal and Pitbull are assuming that we are going to move to Namecoin.org. I'm betting on us all playing nice and things working out : )

I would very much like to see this up and running!

@jonasbits thanks for the reminder, on this ticket! We are actually almost finished here.

I set up a basic one here - http://testap.pw

No accounts or anything, config is text file based. It has rate limiting based on ip address & wallet address. Source code will be uploaded shortly. It may be developed further to add user accounts or as part of a drupal module.

source code is here, public domain... https://github.com/John-Kenney/testnet-faucet


I got John-Kenney's code to run on Ubuntu 13. It needed php5-curl and .namecoin/namecoin.conf rpcuser and rpcpassword (not .namecoin/testnet/namecoin.conf)

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