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ncdns v0.0.9.2 Released
Jeremy Rand
ncdns Releases

We've released ncdns v0.0.9.2. List of changes in v0.0.9.2:

  • All platforms:
    • New build system based on The Tor Project's rbm. This paves the way for reproducible builds.
    • Add an optional mode to generate_nmc_cert that creates a name-constrained CA cert instead of an end-entity cert. This mode is required for Tor Browser TLS support.
    • Add "URL list" output format to ncdumpzone. This paves the way for a decentralized search engine for Namecoin websites.
    • Make Namecoin RPC timeout configurable. This improves compatibility with Tor Browser.
    • Move x509 to its own repo. This improves compatibility with Tor Browser.
  • Windows:
    • Automatically re-run tlsrestrictnss when NSS is updated; this improves TLS support for Firefox.
    • Upgrade dnssec-keygen to v9.13.3.
  • New projects:
    • DNSSEC-HSTS v0.0.1: A WebExtension that prevents sslstrip attacks for Namecoin websites that support TLS. See my 35C3 slides for more details.
    • ncp11 v0.0.1: Enables Namecoin TLS in browsers that support PKCS#11, such as Tor Browser. See my 35C3 slides for more details.
    • ncprop279 v0.0.1: Enables Namecoin resolution in Tor; somewhat smaller and more efficient than dns-prop279.
  • Code quality improvements.

As usual, you can download it at the Beta Downloads page.

This work was funded by NLnet Foundation's Internet Hardening Fund and Cyphrs.

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