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Electrum-NMC v3.3.8 Released
Jeremy Rand
Electrum Releases

We've released Electrum-NMC v3.3.8. This release includes a large number of improvements, mostly focused on performance (both initial syncup speed and name lookup latency) and anonymity (in particular support for Tor stream isolation). Here's what's new since v3.3.7:

  • From upstream Electrum:
    • fix some bugs with recent bump fee (RBF) improvements (#5483, #5502)
    • fix #5491: watch-only wallets could not bump fee in some cases
    • appimage: URLs could not be opened on some desktop environments (#5425)
    • faster tx signing for segwit inputs for really large txns (#5494)
    • A few other minor bugfixes and usability improvements.
  • Namecoin-specific:
    • Fix signature creation for P2SH and SegWit names (Namecoin mainnet now supports P2SH and SegWit; these features should now work in Electrum-NMC, including in name transactions). (Patch by Daniel Kraft.)
    • Fix an error that occurred when displaying the Manage Names tab if the blockchain is empty but the wallet is not. (Patch by Jeremy Rand.)
    • Merkle checkpoints (improves initial syncup speed). (Patch by Jeremy Rand; based on a patch by Roger Taylor.)
    • Create a .tar.xz archive (improves binary download size). (Patch by Jeremy Rand.)
    • Use random SOCKS authentication for stream isolation of connections to servers (improves performance and anonymity). (Patch by Jeremy Rand.)
    • Add stream_id argument to network RPC methods for stream isolation (improves performance and anonymity). (Patch by Jeremy Rand.)
    • Building Electrum-NMC without wallet functionality, GUI functionality, and BIP70 functionality is now supported (improves binary download size). (Patch by Jeremy Rand.)
    • Support a Namecoin-Core-style options argument in name_show RPC method (fixes compatibility with latest ncdns). (Patch by Jeremy Rand.)
    • Retry name lookups with different server if NXDOMAIN returned (improves censorship resistance). (Patch by Jeremy Rand.)
    • Download blockchain from different servers in parallel (improves initial syncup speed). (Patch by Jeremy Rand.)
    • Add from_coins argument to wallet RPC methods (improves anonymity). (Patch by Jeremy Rand.)
    • Avoid returning outdated name_show results while the blockchain is still syncing (improves security of key revocations). (Patch by Jeremy Rand.)
    • Avoid broadcasting name_new if name_firstupdate failed (improves reliability of name registration). (Bug reported by DogHunter; patch by Jeremy Rand.)
    • Avoid NotEnoughFunds error in CoinChooser if zero buckets are sufficient (fixes a spurious error during name registration). (Bug reported by DogHunter; patch by Jeremy Rand.)
    • Code quality improvements. (Patches by Daniel Kraft and Jeremy Rand.)

As usual, you can download it at the Beta Downloads page.

This work was funded by NLnet Foundation's Internet Hardening Fund and Cyphrs.

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