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Configuring Dynamic IP's (for name owners)

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Delegate to DNS

The most straightforward way to point a .bit domain to a dynamic IP address is to delegate your .bit domain to DNS via the ns or alias field, and send your IP address updates to that nameserver or DNS domain name. This avoids paying Namecoin transaction fees for each IP address update. Using the ds field is not necessary, since IP addresses aren't cryptographic identifiers.

Delegate to a Tor onion service

Tor onion services are an effective way to get a stable address when your IP address is dynamic. You can point your .bit domain to a .onion domain, which will allow Tor users to access your .bit domain regardless of your IP (even if you're behind NAT or a firewall). Like DNS delegation, this avoids paying Namecoin transaction fees for each IP address update. This approach won't help if you want your .bit domain to be accessible by users who don't use Tor.


If delegation to DNS or a Tor onion service doesn't meet your requirements, you can also use DyName. DyName is a dynamic IP address update client for .bit domains. DyName should only be used in combination with delegated alteration. Using DyName will incur transaction fees (and blockchain storage) for each IP address update.

To obtain DyName, visit the GitHub project.