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Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure

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To report possible security issues in Namecoin, please send your report to the relevant security contact:

  • For Namecoin Core: [Daniel Kraft]({{ "/team/#daniel-kraft-domob" | relative_url }}). You may report to Jeremy Rand as a fallback.
  • For all other Namecoin components: [Jeremy Rand]({{ "/team/#jeremy-rand-biolizard89" | relative_url }}). You may report to Daniel Kraft as a fallback.

Guidelines for effectively reporting security issues:

  • Please encrypt your report if possible.
  • Please include all relevant information that may help us to assess severity and produce a fix.
  • Please specify whether you would like to be publicly credited for the disclosure, and if so, what name you would like to be credited as (pseudonyms are fine).
  • Please do not publicly discuss your report until we say it's okay.
  • If you have found a vulnerability that also affects an upstream project (e.g. Bitcoin Core or Electrum), please report it to both us and the upstream project. Your report to the upstream project should include the full details of the vulnerability; your report to Namecoin should only include the details that will help us effectively apply a fix from upstream.