NSIS scripts for ncdns.
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JeremyRand Merge #45: Detect Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package.
a22061f Detect Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package. (JeremyRand)

Pull request description:

  The bundled ConsensusJ-Namecoin includes a LevelDB DLL that requires the Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package.

  Note that if the user has both Java 32-bit and Java 64-bit, only the 64-bit VC2010 will be accepted by the installer.  Handling that edge case more intelligently can be done in a future PR.

  Fixes #31.

Tree-SHA512: 0192c4e9c8feb7476505d9623a7c1da85dc33cd6ec798bed00617415b8e2ade185bdcb7de0a723c7ab082d46dc6b0c8425927c976fca53f91b57a93eb31a089f
Latest commit 91763e8 Aug 13, 2018


NSIS installer scripts for ncdns.

Put the following files in artifacts/:

  • ncdns.exe

  • tlsrestrict_chromium_tool.exe

  • dnssec-keygen.exe and its dependencies (libdns.dll, libisc.dll, libeay32.dll and libxml2.dll). These files can be sourced here:

  • dnssec_trigger_setup.exe

  • namecoin-win32-setup-unsigned.exe / namecoin-win64-setup-unsigned.exe

  • Optionally, add ncdt.exe and ncdumpzone.exe from ncdns.

  • generate_nmc_cert.exe and q.exe will also be copied if they are present.

Build flags:

  • make NCDNS_64BIT=1 — make a 64-bit build.
  • make NCDNS_PRODVER= — set ncdns product version.

Licenced under the MIT License.