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Release date: November 11, 2016


- The submodules of NFD and ndn-cxx have been both upgraded to version
  0.4.1 (Issue 3560).

  Features of NFD:

  - Face system is refactored.
  - Data Retrieval using full names is fixed.
  - Allow setting CS capacity to 0.
  - LinkService provides an "adaptation" layer to translate
    between NDN packets and data blocks communicated
    through Transport.
  - Face provides combines Transport and LinkServices, providing
    high-level interface to work with Interest/Data/Nack packets
    inside NFD.
  - Networking NACK in pipelines and best-route strategy.
  - Refactored implementation of NFD management.
  - Interest forwarding processes Link included in
    interest packets.

  Features of ndn-cxx:

  - LocalControlHeader for special signaling between application
    and NFD has been replaced with NDNLPv2 signaling.
  - NDNLPv2 Network NACK support in Face abstraction.
  - New API in Face class to remove all pending Interests.

  In order to retrieve the marked versions of ndn-cxx and NFD, use
  --recursive option to the git clone command or run
  git submodule update --init after clone, pull, or merge.

- Replace NetDeviceFace with NetDeviceFaceLinkService and AppFace with
  AppFaceModel to match NFD's v0.4+ Face model (Issue 3560).

  ndnSIM (for now) intentionally uses LinkService instead of Transport
  for optimization purposes and in order to preserve ns3::Packet Tags.
  This may be fixed in the future when there is a different mechanism
  to propagate ns3 Tags.

  This version of dnSIM does not include support for NDNLPv2 and,
  thus, cannot yet be used to simulate network-level NACKs across the
  simulated nodes. This will be addressed in the next release
  of ndnSIM.

- ndnSIM no longer officially support Ubuntu Linux 12.04, as it now
  requires a more modern compiler version and dependent libraries.


- The NetDevice address is now represented as a LocalUri instance for
  NetDevice-based Faces (Issue 2665).
- Enable configurability of NFD's managers (Issue 3328).

  The managers of NFD can be enabled/disabled as specified in a
  simulation scenario.


- Bugfix in RandomPolicy for the "old-style"
  ContentStore implementation.
- Updates of the ndnSIM 2 Technical Report

  Technical Report became up-to-date with the latest version of
  ndnSIM. Please see report's change-log for more
  detailed information.

- Updates of the ndnSIM documentation (Issue 3835)
  - Updated out-dated statements about NFD's CS
    implementation (Issue 3827).
  - Added explanation about the limited support of NDNLPv2 and
    its implications.
  - Fixed description of the ConsumerBatches application.
  - Added homebrew instructions for dependency installation on OS X.
  - Added specification of ndn::CsTracer output format.
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