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@cawka cawka tagged this Nov 2, 2017 · 25 commits to master since this tag

- The submodules of NFD and ndn-cxx have been upgraded to version
  0.6.0 (4306).

- Upgrade the base NS-3 version to ns-3.27-22-g90fb309d5 (Issue 4311).

    NOTE: In order to retrieve the marked versions of ndn-cxx and NFD,
          use --recursive option to the git clone command or run git
          submodule update --init after clone, pull, or merge.

    NOTE: To set the maximum size of the used queue when porting
          already implemented scenarios to ndnSIM 2.4, the
          QueueBase::MaxPackets attribute has to be set instead of

    NOTE: ndnSIM 2.4 requires the following minimal compiler
            - g++-4.9 or later (Note: this is an upgraded requirement
              from ndnSIM 2.3)
            - Apple LLVM version 7.0.2 or later
            - clang-3.3 or later.

Improvements and bug fixes

- Internal refactoring of dummy keychain to work with security v2 of
  ndn-cxx (Issue 4306)

- Updates of the ndnSIM documentation and Technical Report (Issues
  4039, 4213)
  - Added page about community contributions to the simulator.
  - CS tracer documentation update.
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