Running simulations with ChronoSync ( in ndnSIM 2.1
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Custom version of NS-3 (tagged as ns-3.23-dev-ndnSIM-2.1) and ndnSIM 2.1 (tagged as ndnSIM-2.1) needs to be installed.

It may work with more recent ndnSIM versions (>= 2.1).

mkdir ndnSIM
cd ndnSIM

git clone ns-3
(cd ns-3; git checkout ns-3.23-dev-ndnSIM-2.1)
git clone ns-3/src/ndnSIM
(cd ns-3/src/ndnSIM; git checkout ndnSIM-2.1)

git clone --recursive

cd ns-3
./waf configure -d optimized
sudo ./waf install

# When using Linux, run
# sudo ldconfig

# When using Freebsd, run
# sudo ldconfig -a

cd ..
git clone my-simulations
cd my-simulations

./waf configure
./waf --run scenario

After which you can proceed to compile and run the code

For more information how to install NS-3 and ndnSIM, please refer to website.


To configure in optimized mode without logging (default):

./waf configure

To configure in optimized mode with scenario logging enabled (logging in NS-3 and ndnSIM modules will still be disabled, but you can see output from NS_LOG* calls from your scenarios and extensions):

./waf configure --logging

To configure in debug mode with all logging enabled

./waf configure --debug

If you have installed NS-3 in a non-standard location, you may need to set up PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable.


You can run the ping scenario by typing

./waf --run chronosync-simple

# or
# ./build/chronosync-simple