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@alvyC alvyC tagged this Aug 1, 2016 · 200 commits to master since this tag


Release date:  August 1, 2016

**Code changes**:

- Do not advertise Adjacency LSAs when hyperbolic routing is enabled (:issue:`2402`)

- Do not distribute coordinate LSAs when using link-state routing. (:issue:`3661`)

- LSAs should be segmented before they are published (:issue:`2965`)

- Don't use DummyClientFace::sentDatas (:issue:`3383`)

- Remove disabled security files (:issue:`2960`)

- Lsa type should be argument for base class LSA constructor (:issue:`2788`)

- Use ndn-cxx/DummyClientFace (:issue:`2637`)

**Bug fixes**:

- Unit tests cases are installed with `./waf install` (:issue:`3359`)
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