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zephyrmoth and agawande Create a helper class to provide a wrapper around nfdc.
Refs #3491

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If you are new to the NDN community of software generally, read the Contributor's Guide.

What is Mini-NDN?

Mini-NDN is a lightweight networking emulation tool that enables testing, experimentation, and research on the NDN platform. Based on Mini-CCNx which is a fork of Mininet, Mini-NDN uses the NDN libraries, NFD, NLSR, and tools released by the NDN project to emulate an NDN network on a single system.

Mini-NDN is open and free software licensed under the GPL 3.0 license. Mini-NDN is free to all users and developers. For more information about licensing details and limitations, please refer to COPYING.md.

The first release of Mini-NDN is developed by members of the NSF-sponsored NDN project team. Mini-NDN is open to contribution from the public. For more details, please refer to AUTHORS.md. Bug reports and feedback are highly appreciated and can be made through our Redmine site and the mini-ndn mailing list.