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@cawka cawka tagged this Jul 30, 2014 · 951 commits to master since this tag

-   Base
    -   The license under which the library is released is changed to
        Lesser GNU Public License version 3.0.
    -   New ways to use incoming Interest dispatching:
        -   New InterestFilter abstraction that supports filtering based
            on name prefixes and regular expressions.
        -   Separated Face::registerPrefix() and
            Face::setInterestFilter() methods allow distinct operations
            of registering with the local NDN forwarder and setting up
            application-specific OnInterest call dispatch using
-   Security
    -   Add type dir
        trust-anchor in ValidatorConfig <validator-conf-trust-anchors>
        to add all certificates under the specified directory as trust
        anchors. The new option also allow periodic reloading trust
        anchors, allowing dynamic trust models.
    -   Added support for multiple signature types to PublicKey,
        SecPublicInfo abstractions
    -   New SignatureSha256WithEcdsa signature type
    -   Updates in Signature data structure to reflect changes in
        NDN-TLV spec 0.1.1
-   Wire encoding
    -   Data::getFullName() <getFullName()> method to get Data packet
        name with implicit digest
    -   New Name::getSuccessor() method to get name successor
    -   New in-wire refreshing of Interest's nonce (Issue #1758)
-   Management
    -   Support for ChannelStatus, StrategyChoice datasets
    -   Defining new common Route Origins for NFD RIB management
        protocol (Issue #1719)
    -   New RibEntry and Route data structures for RIB management
        protocol (Issue #1764)
-   Build
    -   enabled support of precompiled headers for clang and gcc
        compilers to speed up compilation

Updates and bug fixes:

-   Base
    -   Serialization of socket write operations (Issue #1707)
    -   Enforcing limit on Interest and Data packet size in
        Face::expressInterest and Face::put methods (Issue #1774)
    -   Cleaning up transport state on communication failure, so Face
        can try to reconnect in the future.
-   Wire encoding
    -   Nonce field is now encoded as 4-byte uint8_t value, as defined
        by NDN-TLV spec.
    -   Optimized Data packet signing

        KeyChain::sign method now pre-allocates EncodingBuffer, requests
        unsigned portion of Data using
        Data::wireEncode(EncodingBuffer, true), and then appends the
        resulting signature and prepends Data packet header. This way
        there is no extra memory allocation after Data packet is signed.

    -   Optimized implicit digest calculation in Interest::matchesData
        method (Issue #1769)

-   Management
    -   Add link-layer byte counts in FaceStatus data structure (Issue
-   Security
    -   Allow user to explicitly specify the cert name prefix before
        'KEY' component in ndnsec-certgen
    -   SignatureSha256 has been renamed to DigestSha256 to conform with
        NDN-TLV specification.
    -   Add checking of Timestamp and Nonce fields in signed Interest
        within ValidatorConfig
    -   Allow validator customization using hooks:

        Sub-classes of Validator class can use the following hooks to
        fine-tune the validation process:

          -   Validator::preCertificateValidation <preCertificateValidation>
              to process received certificate before validation.
          -   Validator::onTimeout <onTimeout> to process interest
          -   Validator::afterCheckPolicy <afterCheckPolicy> to process
              validation requests.

    -   Fix memory issues in SecPublicInfoSqlite

-   Miscellaneous tools
    -   Introduce Scheduler::cancelAllEvents to cancel all previously
        scheduled events (Issue #1757)
    -   Redefine method for random number generation:
        random::generateWord* and random::generateSecureWord* to
        generate cryptographically non-secure (fast) and secure (slow)
        random numbers.
-   Other minor fixes and corrections


-   SignatureSha256 class, use DigestSha256 instead.
-   All Face constructors that accept shared_ptr<io_service>.

    Use versions that accept reference to io_service object.

-   Face::ioService method, use Face::getIoService instead.
-   Interest constructor that accepts name, individual selectors, and
    individual guiders as constructor parameters.

    Use Interest().setX(...).setY(...) or use the overload taking

-   name::Component::toEscapedString method, use name::Component::toUri
-   SecPublicInfo::addPublicKey method, use SecPublicInfo::addKey
-   Tlv::ConentType constant (typo), use Tlv::ContentType instead.
-   CommandInterestGenerator and CommandInterestValidator utility
    classes. ValidatorConfig should be used instead.


-   support of ndnd-tlv (only NFD management protocol is supported now)
-   SecPublicInfoMemory and SecTpmMemory classes that were no longer
-   Removing concept of periodic event from Scheduler.

    In applications, periodic events should be just re-scheduled within
    the callback for single-shot events.
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