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Interim changes since NDN-DOT-NET v0.6 (2020-04-16)
* In Interest, changed the
MustBeFresh default value to false.
* Added Tlv0_3WireFormat.
Bug fixes
* In expressInterest, use the nonce in the Interest if provided.
NDN-DOT-NET v0.6 (2019-10-04)
* Print a warning if the application
didn't call Interest.setDefaultCanBePrefix() or set the Interest's CanBePrefix.
* Renamed ForwardingFlags to RegistrationOptions.
* In RegistrationOptions, added setOrigin()
to use in the flags argument of registerPrefix.
* In Face, added putNack().
* sync: Added FullPSync2017 and FullPSync2017WithUsers, implementing the Full PSync protocol.
* Deprecated ForwardingFlags. Use RegistrationOptions.
Bug fixes
* In decoding Data, make MetaInfo
and Content optional.
* ApplicationParameters TLV type code.
NDN-DOT-NET v0.5 (2019-03-05)
* In TpmBackEndFile, implemented private key import/export.
* Removed deprecated KeyType.ECDSA. (Use EC.)
Bug fixes
* In decodeControlParameters, skip
unrecognized TLVs.
* In Interest, deprecated getParameters, setParameters and hasParameters. Use
getApplicationParameters, setApplicationParameters and hasApplicationParameters.
NDN-DOT-NET v0.4 (2018-09-17)
* Accept Interests encoded with
packet format v0.3.
* In Name, API for typed name components.
* Added name-based access control v2,
EncryptorV2, DecryptorV2 and AccessControlV2, with integration tests.
* Added ComponentType.PARAMETERS_SHA256_DIGEST,
and support params-sha256=<hex-value> in the name URI.
Bug fixes
* In decodeLpPacket, fix the check for
ignoring an unrecognized field type.
* In MemoryContentCache, use a default
InterestLifetime and removed support for infinite lifetime.
NDN-DOT-NET v0.3 (2018-04-17)
Bug fixes
* MustBeFresh should be false if the
decoded Interest has no selectors.
* In TcpTransport, implement isLoca()
so that registerPrefix uses /localhost correctly.
* Rename KeyType.ECDSA and EcdsaKeyParams
to KeyType.EC and EcKeyParams. Deprecated EcdsaKeyParams.
* In Data, added getCongestionMark().
* Added security CommandInterestSigner.
* Added security ValidationPolicyCommandInterest.
* In MemoryContentCache, added setMinimumCacheLifetime which can extend the
cache lifetime of content to match an Interest where MustBeFresh is false.
* Added AyncTcpTransport, AyncUdpTransport, ThreadPoolFace.
* In examples, added test-get-async-thread-pool.
* Removed KeyType.ECDSA. Use KeyType.EC.
* Deprecated EcdsaKeyParams. Use EcKeyParams.
NDN-DOT-NET v0.2 (2017-12-08)
Bug fixes
* Ported the latest NDN regex code
from ndn-cxx which fixes errors for complex expressions.
* Major update to add security v2.
Added CertificateV2, SafeBag and classes related to Pib and Tpm.
In KeyChain, added security v2 constructors and methods.
The default KeyChain constructor checks for and uses security v2 storage.
Updated ConfigPolicyManager to support CertficiateV2.
Updated SelfVerifyPolicyManager to support security v2 PibImpl.
Added the security v2 Validator and policies such as ValidationPolicyConfig.
Updated examples to use the security v2 KeyChain and Validator.
Added security v2 unit and integration tests.
* In encrypt GroupManager, save private
keys in memory to avoid regenerate group key pairs.
* Added ExponentialReExpress to use as OnTimeout.
* In Name, added array operator for get(i).
* Added UdpTransport.
* In Interest, deprecated link object and selected delegation methods.
Use get/setForwardingHint.
NDN-DOT-NET v0.1 (2017-03-16)
* First release. Based on jNDN v0.15