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NDN-DOT-NET: A Named Data Networking client library for the .NET Framework

NDN-DOT-NET has been tested with Mono and Xamarin Studio on:

  • OS X 10.10, OS X 10.11 and macOS 10.12
  • 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04 and 16.10.

NDN-DOT-NET has been tested with Microsoft .NET Framework and Visual Studio on:

  • Windows 7 64-bit


In your application project, you must add a reference to the following assemblies:

  • System
  • System.Data
  • Mono.Data.Sqlite (if not using Microsoft .NET assemblies)


In the following, <NDN-DOT-NET root> is the root folder of the NDN-DOT-NET distribution.

Using ndn-dot-net.dll

The easiest way to make you application is to add a reference to <NDN-DOT-NET root>/bin/ndn-dot-net.dll .

The DLL is built for .NET Framework 3.5 (for use in Unity). If your application is for a different .NET Framework 4.0 version then some assemblies may not load, in which case you should build from src as follows.

Using the src files

Alternatively, if you want to experiment with changing the source code or you want to statically link, then add all the *.cs files in the folder <NDN-DOT-NET root>/src (and all subfolders).


To run an example, add ndn-dot-net.dll (or the src files, see above). Then add one of the files in the folder <NDN-DOT-NET root>/examples . For example, <NDN-DOT-NET root>/examples/test-encode-decode-data.cs .

Unit tests

To run the unit tests, add ndn-dot-net.dll (or the src files, see above). Then add all of the files in the folder <NDN-DOT-NET root>/tests/unit_tests . Also add <NDN-DOT-NET root>/tests/junit-dot-net.cs (a JUnit utility) and <NDN-DOT-NET root>/tests/run-unit-tests.cs (which has the main method).

Integration tests

To run the integration tests, The local NFD must be running. Add the src files (see above). Then add all of the files in the folder <NDN-DOT-NET root>/tests/integration_tests . Also add <NDN-DOT-NET root>/tests/junit-dot-net.cs (a JUnit utility) and <NDN-DOT-NET root>/tests/run-integration-tests.cs (which has the main method). Finally, the executable needs to access the test files. In a terminal change directory to the directory of the executable. Enter:

mkdir tests
ln -s <NDN-DOT-NET root>/eclipse/jndn/src tests/src

Java to C# Translation Prerequisites

These steps are only needed to do the translation from jNDN Java files to C# (when jNDN is updated).

OS X 10.10.2 and OS X 10.11

Java to C# Translation

  • Replace the snapshot in ndn-dot-net/eclipse/jndn/src/net with the updated jNDN files from jndn/src/net . Also copy jndn/tests/src/net/named_data/jndn/tests to ndn-dot-net/eclipse/jndn/src/net/named_data/jndn/tests .

  • In a terminal, change directory to the new folder ndn-dot-net/eclipse/jndn/src/net/named_data/jndn/tests/integration_tests, run the following to fix the namespace.

    sed -i '' 's/package net.named_data.jndn.tests.integration_tests/g' *.java

  • Remove the old C# output folder ndn-dot-net/src/net so we can rebuild.

  • Start Eclipse 3.6.0. (If necessary, follow the instructions to install the Java 6 runtime.) Note that the Eclipse project excludes Java files that we don't translate (such as Android code).

  • Use the menu File->Switch Workspace to open ndn-dot-net/eclipse.

  • In the Package Explorer on the left, you should see the jndn project. If not, click menu File->New->Java Project. Under "Project Name", type "jndn" and click Finish.

  • Click menu File->Export. Select Other->ILOG Java to CSharp Translator. Click Next.

  • Select the "jndn" project, click Next.

  • Under "Renaming Options", set "Namespace naming behavior" and "Class Member naming behavior" to none.

  • Under "Translation Destination Directory", click Browse and browse to ndn-dot-net/src .

  • In the Translate Projects window, Click Finish. The output is in ndn-dot-net/src/net .

  • (The translator creates an Eclipse project with temporary Java files, for example translation_ndn-dot-net_Tue_Dec_22_08_27_23_PST_2015. Delete it.)

  • We need to patch errors in the translation process. In a terminal change directory to ndn-dot-net/src/net and enter: