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NDN Essential Tools

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This repository contains a collection of basic tools for Named Data Networking (NDN). The tools currently included are:

  • peek: transmit a single Interest/Data packet between a consumer and a producer
  • chunks: segmented file transfer between a consumer and a producer
  • ping: test reachability between two NDN nodes
  • dump: capture and analyze live traffic on an NDN network
  • dissect: inspect the TLV structure of an NDN packet
  • dissect-wireshark: Wireshark extension to inspect the TLV structure of NDN packets


See for build instructions.

Reporting bugs

Please submit any bug reports or feature requests to the ndn-tools issue tracker.


Contributions to ndn-tools are greatly appreciated and can be made through our Gerrit code review site. If you are new to the NDN software community, please read our Contributor's Guide and to get started.


ndn-tools is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3. See for details.