NDN Essential Tools
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NDN Essential Tools

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ndn-tools is a collection of essential tools for Named Data Networking. These tools are recommended to be installed on all NDN nodes.
Tools in this collection include:

  • peek: transmit a single packet between a consumer and a producer
  • chunks: segmented file transfer between a consumer and producer
  • ping: test reachability between two nodes
  • dump: analyze traffic on wire
  • dissect: inspect TLV structure of NDN packet format
  • dissect-wireshark: Wireshark extension to inspect TLV structure of NDN packets
  • pib: a service to manage the public information of keys and publish certificates

See INSTALL.md for build instructions.

If you are new to the NDN software community, please read the Contributor's Guide.
Please file bug reports and feature requests on ndn-tools Redmine site.
You may contribute code on NDN Gerrit. GitHub pull requests are not accepted.