NDN Essential Tools
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NDN Essential Tools

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ndn-tools is a collection of essential tools for Named Data Networking. These tools are recommended to be installed on all NDN nodes.
Tools in this collection include:

  • peek: transmit a single packet between a consumer and a producer
  • chunks: segmented file transfer between a consumer and producer
  • ping: test reachability between two nodes
  • dump: analyze traffic on wire
  • dissect: inspect TLV structure of NDN packet format
  • dissect-wireshark: Wireshark extension to inspect TLV structure of NDN packets
  • pib: a service to manage the public information of keys and publish certificates

See INSTALL.md for build instructions.

Please file bug reports and feature requests on ndn-tools Redmine site.
You may contribute code on NDN Gerrit. GitHub pull requests are not accepted.