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Release date: September 4, 2015


- Integration with ndn-cxx and NFD codebases has been refactored to
  include ndn-cxx and NFD repositories as git submodules within ndnSIM
  repository (Issue 3138).

- The official home for ndnSIM codebase has been moved to GitHub
  named-data-ndnSIM organization (Issue 3123).

- Modified version of NS-3 was updated to (rebased on top of) version
  3.23-dev, with ndnSIM codebase adjusted to reflect API
  changes (Issue 3122)

- NFD and ndn-cxx has been upgraded to version 0.3.4 (Issue 3125)

New features

- ndnSIM-specific version of ndn::Face (Issue 2370)

  The updated version of ndn::Face specially designed to allow writing
  simulation applications in the same way as real applications. It is
  also possible to directly use codebase of the existing applications
  to drive simulations, provided that the codebase meets or can be
  adjusted to meet the requirements listed
  in guide-to-simulate-real-apps.

- Full support for NFD'S RIB manager (Issue 2370)

- Tutorial and example on how to speed up simulations with MPI module
  of NS-3.

- Two new helpers to simplify writing basic simulation scenarios:
  * ScenarioHelper leverages C++11 constructs to write scenarios
  * FactoryCallbackApp simplifies creation of basic apps without
    creating a separate class that is derived from ns3::Applications.

Improvements and bug fixes

- Updates of ndnSIM documentation
  * Updated the structure for the ndnSIM website index page
  * Updated installation instructions to reflect refactoring and
    relocation of ndnSIM codebase
  * API documentation (doxygen) improvements
  * Updated list of ndnSIM research papers

- The NDN stack can now be updated to handle any simulation topology
  changes after its initial installation on a node (Issue 2717)

- Application ID that appears in ndn::AppDelayTracer output is now ID
  of the application on the node, not ID of the application face that
  was used previously.

- FibHelper has been extended to support route removals (Issue 2358)

- ndnSIM codebase now partially covered with unit-tests (Issues 2369,
  3059, 2783)

- Bugfixes:
  * In ndn::GlobalRoutingHelper::CalculateAllPossibleRoutes that
    caused crash in some cases (Issue 2535)
  * In FailLink and Uplink methods of ndn::LinkControlHelper class
    that affected more links than requested (Issue 2783)
  * With hop count of data packets retrieved from the Contest Store
    of NFD (Issue 2764)
  * In ndn::Producer application that caused a wrong dummy signature
    to be added to the constructed data packets (Issue 2927)
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