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Release date: December 12, 2016


- The submodules of NFD and ndn-cxx have been both upgraded to version
  0.5 (Issue 3875).

  Features of NFD:

    - Adaptive SRTT-based Forwarding strategy has been added.
    - Breaking change -- Configurable policy for admission of
      unsolicited data packets into the content store have
      been introduced.
    - Introduce mechanism to update properties (e.g.,
      flags, persistency) of an existing Face.
    - Breaking change -- ForwarderStatus dataset can now be requested
      only with /localhost/nfd/status/general interest.
    - Breaking change -- Strategy API update. FIB entry is no longer
      supplied to the Strategy::afterReceiveInterest method (i.e., FIB
      lookup is not performed by the forwarding pipelines). When
      necessary, a strategy can request FIB lookup
      using Strategy::lookupFib.
    - Refactor implementation of RIB Manager to make it uniform with
      other managers.

  Features of ndn-cxx:

    - New transformation API.
    - Introduce Name::deepCopy to allow memory optimizations when
      working with Name objects.
    - New ndn::security::CommandInterestValidator class.
    - New FaceUpdateCommand structure for NFD management protocols.
    - Breaking change - Expose ControlResponse as part
      of Controller::CommandFailCallback.
    - Breaking change - Change security constants to corresponding
      strongly typed enumerations.

    In order to retrieve the marked versions of ndn-cxx and NFD, use
    --recursive option to the git clone command or run
    git submodule update --init after clone, pull, or merge.

- Replace NetDeviceFaceLinkService with NetDeviceTransport to add full
  support of NDNLPv2 and, thus, network-layer NACK handling to
  ndnSIM (Issue 3871).

  ndnSIM now uses an implementation of nfd::face::Transport that enables
  the full support of NDNLPv2 and the handling of network-layer NACKs
  generated by NFD. NACKs can reach the ndnSIM applications.

  NACK handling by ndnSIM came at the cost of losing the NS3 related
  packet tags. The hopCount tag is now implemented as a tag of a packet
  directly at the NDNLPv2 layer.

New features

- Enable NACK tracing by the network layer tracers (Issue 3872).
- NetworkRegionTable helper was added to allow the configuration of the
  simulated nodes' NetworkRegionTable (Issue 3806).

Improvements and bug fixes

- Internal refactoring to use the ndnSIM-specific transport
  implementation (ndn::L3Protocol, ndn::StackHelper,
  ndn::LinkControlHelper, ndn::GlobalRoutingHelper,
  ndn::Consumer, ndn::Producer).
- Updates of the ndnSIM documentation (Issue 3876)
  - Added explanation about the support of NDNLPv2 and its implications.
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