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ADClusterMapView - MKMapView with clustering

ADClusterMapView is a drop-in subclass of MKMapView that displays and animate clusters of annotations. This is very useful in cases where you have to display many annotations on the map. Concept and implementation were described on Applidium's website.

How to use

  1. Add the content of the ADClusterMapView folder to your iOS project
  2. Link against the MapKit and CoreLocation frameworks if you don't already
  3. Turn your MKMapView instance into a subclass of ADClusterMapView
  4. Set your annotations by calling setAnnotations:. Do not use addAnnotation: or addAnnotations: as they are not supported yet.

Optional delegate methods

We provide you with a few optional methods that you may want to add to your ADClusterMapViewDelegate implementation:

Setting the maximum number of clusters that you want to display at the same time

- (NSInteger)numberOfClustersInMapView:(ADClusterMapView *)mapView; // default: 32

Custom MKAnnotationView instance for clusters

- (MKAnnotationView *)mapView:(ADClusterMapView *)mapView viewForClusterAnnotation:(id <MKAnnotation>)annotation; // default: same as returned by mapView:viewForAnnotation:

Custom title for clusters

- (NSString *)clusterTitleForMapView:(ADClusterMapView *)mapView; // default : @"%d elements"

Disminish outliers weight

- (double)clusterDiscriminationPowerForMapView:(ADClusterMapView *)mapView; // This parameter emphasize the discrimination of annotations which are far away from the center of mass. default: 1.0 (no discrimination applied)

Animation callback

- (void)clusterAnimationDidStopForMapView:(ADClusterMapView *)mapView;

Future Work

There are a couple of improvements that could be done. Feel free to send us pull requests if you want to contribute!

  • Add support for annotations addition and removal.
  • Add support for multiple independant trees
  • More?