A simple iOS control to add a pull to refresh to UITableView with a cool 3D effect.
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AH3DPullRefresh is a simple iOS control to add a pull to refresh to UITableView with a cool 3D effect.

Animated screenshot :-)


The AH3DPullRefresh UI component is a BSD-licensed iOS addition to UITableView that lets you integrate easily a pull to refresh interaction with a unfolding 3d animation. It works on iPhone and iPad and has been tested on iOS 4 & 5, but should work on earlier and later versions of iOS.

I created this component just to try with Objective-C runtime's associated objects and CA3DTransforms :-) Feel free to use, modify and distribute this code. Pull requests are welcome ;-)


1) Copy UIScrollView+AH3DPullRefresh.h & UIScrollView+AH3DPullRefresh.m into your project.

2) Add the framework QuartzCore.framework in order to be linked into your build

3) Wherever you want to add the component to a UITableView:

#import "UIScrollView+AH3DPullRefresh.h"

4) Set a handler to the table view that will be fired when the pull refresh view is triggered:

[_tableView setPullToRefreshHandler:^{
    // Handler code: WebService call, CoreData fetch,...


This project does NOT use ARC. If you are using ARC in your project, add '-fno-objc-arc' as a compiler flag for UIScrollView+AH3DPullRefresh.m


  • Add more customization to the component.
  • Add a pull to load more at the bottom of the table.


Thanks to the code inspiration from SVPullToRefresh (http://github.com/samvermette/SVPullToRefresh) by Sam Vernette and http://b2cloud.com.au/how-to-guides/ios-perspective-transform by Tom from B2Cloud.