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Sinatra Addressbook application backed by MongoDB
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Black Book

BlackBook is a simple addressbook (phone, email, postal addresses) application written in sinatra and backed by MongoDB. (I say mongo and not anything else, as I'm using the ruby driver at this time, with no ODM, ORM or whatever.)

As if simple wasn't enough of a clue, the app itself has almost no validation, and no authentication. All it really does is display a list of names, and then an address page when you click on the name. It does check that parameters passed are sane, and only persists a white-listed set of properties.


  • Add some javascript (to expand the current edit/add interface, and maybe allow inline editing).
  • Add some tests, I guess.
  • Improve property white-listing.
  • Add faculty for storing correspondence, e.g. scans of letters in GridFS, and transcripts.
  • Re-write using Express
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