Allows you to add recipients to the RoundCube address book after sending an email.
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Roundcube Recipient To Contact Plugin


Recipient To Contact is a plugin to quickly add new contacts to address books. When sending an email to recipients that aren't in the address book, this plugin displays a form to quickly save these contacts. Inspired by Automatic Addressbook plugin.


  • Simple jQuery UI based interface.
  • Parses 'To:', 'Cc:' and 'Bcc:' and automatically fills name and email address fields.
  • Configurable: which address books to use for searching; default behavior; etc.
  • Can be activated/deactivated through User Preferences section.
  • Advanced error handling.


  1. Plugin is maintained against Roundcube 0.7 and later.
  2. jQuery UI plugin is required, which can be obtained from or


  1. Download latest stable release from GitHub.
  2. Extract the downloaded archive, and place the recipient_to_contact directory in plugins/ folder.
  3. Add recipient_to_contact and jqueryui to $rcmail_config['plugins'] in your Roundcube config.


The default config file is plugins/recipient_to_contact/ Rename this to plugins/recipient_to_contact/ and edit it there.

Configuration options:


A list of address book IDs, which would be used for searching existing contacts. For example, if it contains array('sql', 'global', 'ldap') the plugin will look for existing contacts only in these address books. The default (an empty array) means the plugin will use address books specified in the autocomplete_addressbooks option in the Roundcube configuration file.


Whether the plugin is enabled or disabled for users by default. If set to true, the plugin is enabled and users can disable it through settings menu.


Whether to enable contact groups (and show the UI for selecting them) or not. Defaults to false.


This plugin is distributed under the GPLv3 license. Please see for the complete license.