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NitroNet Logo

NitroNet for Sitecore extends NitroNet with the support for the WCMS Sitecore.
It handles all possible presentation scenarios to integrate a handlebars frontend into Sitecore without functional loss. In addition it's possible to get a hybrid integration with handlebars frontends (based on simple and logic-less view pages) and own Razor views (*.cshtml).

NitroNet for Sitecore features

There are many features which come with NitroNet alone. On top of that NitroNet for Sitecore offers the following things:

  • Support for the following Sitecore characteristics:
    • MVC based renderings (e.g. Controller Rendering)
    • Placeholders
    • Full support for the Experience Editor
    • Personalization
    • etc...
  • Caching which fully integrates into the Sitecore caching mechanisms
  • Out of the box integration as view engine
  • Different NuGets for supported Sitecore versions and your preferred IoC framework

What's NitroNet?

NitroNet is a handlebars view engine with an intelligent built-in file system and the possibility to add custom helpers. Because of these two features NitroNet differs from other existing handlebars view engines.

... and whats Nitro?

Nitro is a Node.js application for simple and complex frontend development with a tiny footprint. It provides a proven but flexible structure to develop your frontend code, even in a large team.

Table of contents

Future roadmap

  • Manage Sitecore.Database object by IoC container
  • Admin pages for Sitecore to show all cached templates/components and to check strings if they are valid.

Contact / Contributing

If you want to submit a bug or request a feature please feel free to open an issue.

If you want to get in contact with us, just write an email to Manuel Fischer or Fabian Geiger.

Pull requests are welcome!

Credits and special thanks

Thanks to all the people who made and released these awesome resources for free!

Special thanks to Marco Schälle and Stefan Schälle who fight for a smart way to integrate Frontends into ASP.NET and created the predecessor TerrificNet of NitroNet itself. Marco and Stefan were our opinion leaders of this product.

Also special thanks to Mark Cassidy for all product commits and propagation of our idea to the whole world.