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NitroNet for Sitecore

What's Nitro?

Nitro is a Node.js application for simple and complex frontend development with a tiny footprint.
It provides a proven but flexible structure to develop your frontend code, even in a large team.
Keep track of your code with a modularized frontend. This app and the suggested atomic design and BEM concepts could help.
Nitro is simple, fast and flexible. It works on OSX, Windows and Linux. Use this app for all your frontend work.

What's NitroNet ?

NitroNet is a full integration of Nitro frontends into ASP.NET. It is based on the project TerrificNet which uses Veil of Chris Sainty in order to parse handlebars templates. Handlebars.js is the primary template engine of Nitro. In summary, NitroNet is a completely new and simple view engine for ASP.NET MVC web applications. You can get more informations about NitroNet on our seperate Git-Hub Project Page of NitroNet. NitroNet is created by Fabian Geiger.

...and NitroNet for Sitecore ?

The name says it all: NitroNet for Sitecore is a special view engine, based on ASP.NET MVC for the Content Management System Sitecore. It handles all possible presentation scenarios to integrate a Nitro frontend into Sitecore without functional loss (Sublayouting, Placeholders, Experience-Editor Full-Support, Personalization, ...). In addition it's possible to get a hybrid integration with Nitro frontends (based on simple and logic-less View-Pages) and own Razor views (*.cshtml).

Table of contents

Credits and special thanks

Thanks to all the people who made and released these awesome resources for free!

Special thanks to Marco Schälle and Stefan Schälle who fight for a smart way to integrate Frontends into ASP.NET and create the predecessor TerrificNet of NitroNet itself. Marco and Stefan were our opinion leaders of this product.

Also special thanks to Mark Cassidy for all product commits and propagation of our idea to the whole world.