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namin committed Mar 12, 2019
1 parent fde3a41 commit 73c8e308848ca8dc0dd8b894468eefba7889d0b6
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@@ -0,0 +1,55 @@
;; -*- Lisp -*-

;;;; ATMS version of the N-queens problem

;; Copyright (c) 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 Kenneth D. Forbus,
;; Northwestern University, and Johan de Kleer, Xerox Corporation.
;; All rights reserved.

(in-package 'user)

;; This version uses special-purpose lisp code for simplicity.
;; Clearly one queen per column is required, hence choice sets
;; are placement of queen within the rows for each column.

(defvar *queen-nodes* nil)
(defvar *solutions* nil)
(defvar *atms*)

(defun n-queens (n)
(setq *atms* (create-atms "N-queens"))
(setq *solutions* nil)
(setq *queen-nodes* nil)
(setup-queen-nodes n)
(setq *solutions* (interpretations *atms* *queen-nodes*))
(length *solutions*))

(defun setup-queen-nodes (n)
(do ((i 1 (1+ i))
(column nil nil)
(nodes nil))
((> i n)
(setq nodes (apply #'append *queen-nodes*))
(dolist (n1 nodes)
(dolist (n2 nodes)
(unless (or (eq n1 n2)
(= (caddr (tms-node-datum n1))
(caddr (tms-node-datum n2))))
(when (queens-capture? (tms-node-datum n1)
(tms-node-datum n2))
(nogood-nodes 'QUEENS-CAPTURE (list n1 n2)))))))
(do ((j 1 (1+ j)))
((> j n) (push column *queen-nodes*))
(push (tms-create-node *atms* `(Queen ,j ,i) :assumptionp T) column))))

(defun queens-capture? (qa1 qa2)
(or (= (cadr qa1) (cadr qa2))
(= (abs (- (cadr qa1) (cadr qa2)))
(abs (- (caddr qa1) (caddr qa2))))))

(defun test-queens (from to)
(do ((n from (1+ n)))
((> n to))
(time (n-queens n))
(format t "~%For ~D queens, ~D solutions."
n (length *solutions*))))

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