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Changing collection dynamically
Each `MongoDocument` must have a `db_host`, a `db_port`, a `db_name` and a `collection_name`.
Those attributes are set when describing mongo documents. The connection, the db and the
collection are then automatically created and attached to the object.
But you might need to specify a different db or collection dynamically. For instance,
say you want to store a User by database. You can't set the `db_name` and `collection_name`
because it will change at each user.
>>> class User(MongoDocument):
... strucute = {'login':unicode, 'screen_name':unicode}
... # we can set `db_name` here...
Mongokit allow you to change those parameters on the fly. For this, you need to create
another collection with the helper `get_collection`.
>>> user_col = User.get_collection(db_name='namlook', collection_name='profile')
Now, we can query the database by passing our new collection :
>>> User.all({}, collection=col)
You can pass those value to the `MongoDocument.__init__` :
>>> user = User(db_name='namlook', collection_name='profile')
>>> user['login'] = 'namlook'
>>> user['screen_name'] = 'Namlook'
calling `` will save the objet into the database 'namlook' in the collection 'profile'
Internal structure
A `SchemaDocument` brings all the structure and the validation layer. It is designed to be
light and powerful with an simple api. This object is completely disconnected from the db and
can be used stand-alone in another projects. Just copy the `` and the
`` files. This object is pretty usefull if you wan to brings the validation layers
of mongokit into another db. You'll need to implement all the database layer thought.
A `MongoDocument` brings all mongodb related staff to the SchemaDocument.
This object defines all methods to deal with a mongod server.
Little api changes
There is a little api changes with this new changeset :
* `MongoDocument._connection` and `MongoDocument._collection` are removed and replaced by
public one : `MongoDocument.connection` and `MongoDocument.collection`.
* `MongoDocument.db` has appeared.
* `_get_connection()` was removed.
* `MongokitOperator` is now named to `SchemaOperator` for more consistency.
* `belong_to` becomes `belongs_to`
Note that if you stiked to the tutorial and don't used internal methods or
attributes, you don't need to change anything.
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