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Example Projects built with ServiceStack, C# RedisClient, OrmLite, etc


You can find the latest releases for download at:

Live Demo

A live demo and tutorials are available at the following locations:

Backbone.js TODO app with REST and Redis backend

Backbone REST and Redis TODOs

Creating a Hello World Web service from scratch

ServiceStacks Hello, World!

GitHub-like browser to manage remote filesystem over REST

GitHub-like REST Files

Creating a StackOverflow-like app in Redis

Redis StackOverflow

Northwind dataset services

Redis StackOverflow

Complete REST Web service example

REST at the Movies!

Calling Web Services with Ajax

Ajax Example

Other examples

All live examples hosted on CentOS/Nginx/FastCGI/Mono


  • Since the example project uses 32bit Sqlite.dll, on a 64bit machine you must set IIS to run 32bit apps (in the App Domain config)
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