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CanvasTextWrapper(HTMLCanvasElement, String [, options]);


Option Value Description
font String Text style that includes font size (in px), font weight, font family, etc.
lineHeight String or Number Number - 'n' times font size where 1 is equivalent to '100%'. Also the property can be set in '%' or 'px'.
textAlign "left" "center" "right" Horizontal alignment of each line.
verticalAlign "top" "middle" "bottom" Vertical alignment of the whole text block.
paddingX Number Horizontal padding (in px) that is equally set on left and right sides.
paddingY Number Vertical padding (in px) that is equally set on top and bottoms.
fitParent Boolean Fit canvas' container size instead of its own size.
lineBreak "auto" "word" "auto" - text goes to the next line on a whole word when there's no room "word" - each next word is placed on a new line
sizeToFill Boolean Ignore given font size and line height and resize text to fill its padded container.
maxFontSizeToFill Number If above option is true text won't be bigger than set.
strokeText Boolean Allow text outline based on canvas context configuration.
justifyLines Boolean All lines will try to match the same width with flexed spaces between the words.
allowNewLine Boolean Text breaks on a new line character "\n". Supports multiple consecutive new lines.
renderHDPI Boolean Text is rendered based on device pixel ratio.
textDecoration "none" "underline" Text is underlined according to context.strokeStyle and context.lineWidth

NOTE: if a single word is too long to fit the width with specified font size, it will break on any letter unless sizeToFill option is enabled.

Default options

        font: '18px Arial, sans-serif',
        lineHeight: 1,
        textAlign: 'left',
        verticalAlign: 'top',
        paddingX: 0,
        paddingY: 0,
        fitParent: false,
        lineBreak: 'auto',
        strokeText: false
        sizeToFill: false,
        maxFontSizeToFill: false,
        allowNewLine: true,
        justifyLines: false,
        renderHDPI: true,
        textDecoration: 'none'


Configure context properties such as fillStyle, lineWidth, strokeStyle etc. before passing it to CanvasTextWrapper like so:

var CanvasTextWrapper = require('canvas-text-wrapper').CanvasTextWrapper;

var canvas = document.getElementById('#canvasText');
canvas.width = 200;
canvas.height = 200;
context = canvas.getContext('2d');
context.lineWidth = 2;
context.strokeStyle = '#ff0000';

CanvasTextWrapper(canvas, 'Hello', {strokeText: true});


Run npm t NOTE: Test requires beefy to be installed globally


see here


npm i canvas-text-wrapper --save
bower install canvas-text-wrapper


Split canvas text into lines on specified rule with optional alignment, padding, and more. Supports HDPI screens.




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