Display Gigapan tiles with Leaflet.
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Display Gigapan tiles with Leaflet.

Works with quadkey-based filestructure created by Gigapan Stitch and may work with the gigapan.com website (subject to change).

Use Leaflet to display tiled images created by Gigapan Stitch locally (and on a local network) by providing the path to the "tiles" folder created by Gigapan Stitch.

The folder structure also appears to be maintained for images uploaded to the gigapan.com website, so this plugin currently works for images hosted there as well, although this may change in the future.

See example.html for example usage (currently points to an image on gigapan.com).

This plugin is based on the excellent Leaflet.Zoomify plugin by Bjorn Sandvik: https://github.com/turban/Leaflet.Zoomify