A Java Naive Bayes Classifier that works on LevelDB or other key-value store
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A Java Naive Bayes Classifier that works on LevelDB or other key-value store. The interface and sample are inspired by Philipp Nolte's https://github.com/ptnplanet/Java-Naive-Bayes-Classifier/, but the implementation is a full rewrite to store the key/values into a ConcurrentHashMap(), LevelDB, LMDB, Redis or other. LevelDB is a fast key-value storage library written at Google that provides an ordered mapping from string keys to string values.

Maven Quick-Start

This Java Naive Bayes Classifier on LevelDB can be installed via the jitpack repository. Make sure to add it to your buildfile first.


Then, treat it as any other dependency.


For other build-tools (e.g. gradle), visit https://jitpack.io for configuration snippets.


Here is an excerpt from the example (inspired by https://github.com/ptnplanet/Java-Naive-Bayes-Classifier/). The classifier will classify sentences (arrays of features) as sentences with either positive or negative sentiment.

            String[] cats = {POSITIVE, NEGATIVE};
            // Create a new bayes classifier with string categories and string features.
            INaiveBayesClassifier bayes = (USE_LEVELDB ? new NaiveBayesClassifierLevelDBImpl("sentiment", cats, ".", 100) : 
               new NaiveBayesClassifierTransientImpl("sentiment", cats));

            // Two examples to learn from.
            String[] positiveText = "I love sunny days".split("\\s");
            String[] negativeText = "I hate rain".split("\\s");

            // Learn by classifying examples.
            // New categories can be added on the fly, when they are first used.
            // A classification consists of a category and a list of features
            // that resulted in the classification in that category.
            bayes.learn(POSITIVE, new HashSet(Arrays.asList(positiveText)));
            bayes.learn(NEGATIVE, new HashSet(Arrays.asList(negativeText)));

            // Here are two unknown sentences to classify.
            String[] unknownText1 = "today is a sunny day".split("\\s");
            String[] unknownText2 = "there will be rain".split("\\s");
            StringWriter sw = new StringWriter();
            System.out.println( // will output "positive"
            bayes.classify(new HashSet(Arrays.asList(unknownText1)))[0].getCategory());
            System.out.println( // will output "negative"
            bayes.classify(new HashSet(Arrays.asList(unknownText2)))[0].getCategory());

The GNU LGPLv3 License

Copyright (c) 2018 - Elian Carsenat, NamSor SAS https://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl-3.0.en.html