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Gendre API (Gender Prediction API) Sample Apps
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GendRE Gender APP for Android

Predict gender from contact name. Gendre enriches Android contact titles (Mr., Ms., M.) with the gender inferred from a contact name.


Get GendRE App now on Google Play

Or here

Get the latest dev version:

We recommend backing up your contacts before running the program.


  • NEW: cool Live Wallpaper with particle physics to show off your gender stats
  • NEW: doesn't make change to contact titles by default (None)
  • Possibility to choose between three Title formats : Classic (Ms.,Mr.,M.), Gender (♀,♂,∅), Heart (♥,♤,♢), Chinese (女, 男) or Custom
  • Creates groups to easily filter contacts (Male/Female) or set custom ringtones according to the caller :-)
  • The gender prediction runs as a background service (every 10 sec, or 1 min, or 10 min or 1 hour)
  • Your existing Title data (Mr., Dr. etc.) is not overwritten, unless you specifically request a wipe
  • Once all contacts are genderized, the App shows a summary of how many Female / Male contacts were detected
  • You can share this #funstat on Twitter, G+, Facebook if you like

Known issues

Languages and Localization

GendRE works with all international names (with very few exceptions). To help with translation/localization of the user interface (~300 words), please visit It helps if you can run the software once, to see the main messages in context. GendRE is currently available in: English, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, French, German, Hebrew, Romanian, Hindi. We have issues with Bengali and Panjabi.

Physics Engine Credits

All credits for the particle physics go to Grant Kot and jgittins from XDADevelopers

Gender API

GenderApp uses the GendreAPI for name gender prediction. This is a free Application Programming Interface (API) to predict the gender of a personal name on a -1 (Male) to +1 (Female) scale, for a given geography/locale. You can test it directly from your web browser, entering this kind URL: returns -0.99 (ie. Male)

GenderApp GenderApp GenderApp


Copyright 2014 NamSor Applied Onomastics

Licensed under the GPLv2
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